Your Diet for Healthy Eyesight

How to Maintain Healthy Eyes with Contact Lenses

Nothing can beat the feeling of a relaxing shower. It feels great to be fresh and clean and keeps you healthier. It is true with your eyes in particular.

The first step is to ensure the happiness of your eyes and your contact lenses. You should always change and look after your contact lenses on time. Follow these easy steps to maintain a healthy pair of eyes.

Abide by the Instructions

In Delhi Eye Care, eye doctors are very particular about their instructions. Remember whatever your eye doctor instructs. The directions for your contact lens and case are a well-designed system to help you look after your lenses and the associated products to protect your eyes. The entire system could be affected if you fail to follow any of these prescribed procedures.

Keep your eyes comfortable and healthy when you follow your recommended replacement schedule. It’s better not to prolong your lenses' life. Do not attempt to wear lenses beyond your prescribed replacement schedule. In case you wear lenses with biweekly or monthly replacement feature, you should adhere to the schedule. For each of the replacement schedule, Delhi Eye care has a wide range of contact lenses, so work with your eye doctor in patel nagar delhi to find the correct one.

Role of Solution

Contact lenses tend to collect deposits of protein over time. Protein naturally exists in your tears, but it may cloud your eyesight if it deposits itself with your contact lenses. Protein deposits can decrease lens quality and stimulate an immune response that can lead to itchy, watery, and irritated eyes if too many protein deposits exist.

Never try to soak or clean your contact lenses with tap water but the solution recommended by your eye doctor in OKC. Pathogens and bacteria which cause infections can be contained in tap water. Rinse your case after every use with a multifunctional solution and store it in a clean, dry place.

Scheduling Is Important

You will be more likely to remember replacing your contact lenses on the same day of the week. Don’t forget to set the alarm on your mobile, planner or calendar if it is difficult to remember to replace contact lenses. Another way to simplify things is to purchase a yearly supply of your contact lenses because you always have the lenses you need on your replacement day.

Tell your eye doctor in OKC about use-and-throw lenses if cleaning and taking care of contact lenses is not your thing. If you get this lens, you will never have to clean them. You will use it for a day and throw them out at night to replace with a new pair. Disposable lenses are not synonymous to lousy quality. One-Day lenses are made of the same materials as regular lenses. They are also available in the most air-breathing lens material available in silicone hydrogel.

Go through the diagnosis and treatment with our affordable eye care in Delhi, NCR so that you can get the most suitable pair of lenses for your requirements and preferences.

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