Microincision Vitrectomy Surgeries

For the Micro-incision vitrectomy surgery of retina of the eye, the micro-incision vitrectomy surgery is used. In recent years this surgery has seen a major advancement in technology, quality, and safety. The beginning of 25 gauge small incision vitrectomy surgery has allowed more efficient surgeries and also has reduced the recovery period for the patients.

The 25 gauge vitrector can be used through a very tiny, suture-less incision in the sclera that is the white part of the eyes. As the way incision is made over the eye, it seals automatically from the eye’s internal pressure, thus eliminating the need for stitches of any kind.

The main aim behind this kind of surgical approach is to spend less time in the operating room. Also at the same time, it reduces the recovery time; swelling is less and also less discomfort to the patients.