Retinal Detachment Surgery in Delhi, India. Treatment Cost & Best Results

Retinal Detachment Surgery in Delhi, India, Treatment Cost & Best Results

What is Retinal Detachment?

Retinal Detachment is separation of neural retina from its underlying RPE layer which leads to sudden loss of vision in most cases.

Why Retinal Detachment Happens?

Retinal Vitrectomy

Retinal Detachment takes place due to formation of a retinal hole or tear from where the fluid enters beneath the neuro-sensory layer of retina leading to its detachment. Hole or tear may happen due to separation of vitreous gel from the retina (which can be physiological or secondary to any trauma or surgery).

What are the Symptoms of Retinal Detachment?

Certain patients may experience sudden floaters (small black spots moving in front of the eyes) or flashes, which are perceived as sparking while sitting in the dark. Please note that these floaters and flashes can happen even without retinal detachment but whenever it happens make sure to get a retina checkup.

When to Seek Consultation for Retina?

As soon as possible. If anyone experiences sudden loss of vision which persists beyond a few minutes, he/she should consult an ophthalmologist / retina specialist. If you are experiencing flashes (sparking like feeling in the vision) or sudden floaters (black dots in your vision) you must consult a retina specialist as soon as possible.

How long can we wait to consult a Eye Doctor?

It’s an emergency and time is the essence here. The earlier you consult and get it operated, the better it is for gain in vision.

How is the Retina Detachment Surgery done?

There are many ways to fix the retinal detachment like

Scleral Buckle
  • A.Scleral Buckling
  • B.Pars Plana Vitrectomy
  • C.Pneumoretinopexy
  • D.Viscochoroidopexy
  • A Retina Specialist is the best person to decide which surgery is suitable for you. Surgery usually takes 60-120 minutes, is done under local anesthesia and the patient can be discharged soon after the surgery.

    Does it Require Silicon Oil or Gas to be used in Retina Detachment Surgery?

    Retinal Detachment successful

    Yes, most cases were fixed by using silicon oil or gas tamponade to support the retina. Silicon oil, if used, must be removed by doing a second surgery 2-4 months later, however, when gas can be used, it is not required to be taken out via another surgery. But now-a-days in many cases we can fix the detachment where the need of silicon oil, gas tamponade and post-operative positioning (prone) is not needed for long periods.

    Is any Positioning Required Immediately After the Retina Surgery?

    Yes, positioning immediately after the surgery plays a very important role in the outcome. By positioning we place silicon oil or gas in touch with the retinal break/tear to close it. So, it is imperative to maintain the position strictly as has been explained by the surgeon.

    How Long it Takes the Vision to Improve After Retina Detachment Surgery?

    Do not expect immediate improvement in vision after the surgery. It takes some time for the vision to improve, usually 2-4 weeks. Also, note that visual recovery is a continuous process and improvement in vision is seen even 2-3 months after the surgery.

    When can the Patient Resume Work After Retina Surgery?

    Non-physical and non-demanding work can be resumed 2-3 weeks down the line whereas physical work or any demanding work need 4-6 week’s time.

    Precautions After Retina Detachment Surgery